bot™ - Industry Website Directories

What Are Our Directories Used For?

Our industry website directories can be used for a wide range of purposes, but the following are the most common uses.

Business Development

Our directories are a robust and expansive resource for telephone prospecting, email marketing, postal mail campaigns, and social networking.

Industry Research

Our directories are a huge time saver and efficiency enhancer by providing unparalleled industry-wide website search and tagging functionality.

Industry Website Analytics

Access extremely unique and insightful statistics about the websites within an industry, including trends and data point percentages.

Partnership Recruiting

Our directories can help you to build your referral partner or distribution partner networks with highly targeted data and a well-crafted outreach.

Membership Recruiting

Business and trade associations can power their industry membership recruiting efforts with highly accurate and up to date prospect data.

Nonprofit Awareness

Nonprofit prganizations can fuel their awareness and fundraising campaigns with highly relevant data in synergistic industries.

What Makes Our Directories So Unique?

Unlike most directories which are populated with data from mailing lists that may or may not be current, our directories are populated with data extracted directly from companies' websites and can be updated regularly!
In addition, we extract extended data points like social networks, links to important webpages like the team or leadership page, jobs, contact, news, etc., making our directories both the most up to date and accurate and the most expansive!
And last but not least, also unlike most directories, we combine the functionality of a directory with the functionality of an internet search engine, allowing you to search both directory data and the websites in the directory.

What Data and Touch Points Can We Extract?

Our proprietary web crawler and website analyzer is capable of locating and extracting over 75 possible data points for each website it visits, all of which can be used to populate directory listings or be included in premium data access.

Business Data

Company name, contact page link, street address, city, state, zip, business email, and telephone.

Website Meta Data

The website meta data including the meta title, meta description, and meta keywords.

Primary Website Pages

Links to important pages like about us, services, blog, leadership, team, news, jobs, and more.

Social Networks

Links to major social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Searchable Index

Search index of the meta data, location data, and full text content of website pages.

Content Snippets

Content snippets from the home page, about us page, and testimonials page.

What Industries Can We Cover?

We can build a searchable and actional directory for any industry or profession where it is common to have a website, and in total we have over 9,000 in our database, but below are some of the industries that rise to the top..

Interested In Learning More?

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