bot™ - onCrawler™

Our Web Crawler and Website Analyzer

Our proprietary web crawler and website analyzer affectionately named onCrawler™ was invented, programmed, taught, and developed by our founder Eric Weissman, and is a 5th generation virtual robot that is powered by over 50,000 lines of code, and almost 500,000 intelligence points.
With a broad spectrum of complex algorithms in hand, onCrawler™ is capable of navigating through an almost infinite range of website structures to identify and parse over 75 data points, at speeds of up 1,000,000 websites per hour.
Eric Weissman initially created onCralwer™ to allow a user to search against just the websites in a given industry thereby eliminating all of the search results noise typically experienced with internet search. Then onCrawler™ evolved to go so much further with the concept of blending the open text searching of websites with directory data, and hence was born.
The other need that onCrawler™ has solved is how to keep industry directories up to date. onCrawler™ accomplishes this by periodically visiting the websites of the listings to look for new information, updated information, and to remove websites that are no longer active or relevant.

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